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Poslaju Tracking

How To Track ?
Tracking Pos Laju number after shipment is very easy.They have fastest online tracking tool to find out your package.Using Poslaju track trace tool you can track maximum 15 numbers at a time.Submit each number by putting semicolon.

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  1. Find Poslaju Tracking number from receipt paper
  2. Enter Pos Malaysia tracking code
  3. Click on Submit button for instant result.


1 EP Domestic – Prepaid
2 ED Domestic
3 EF Domestic
4 EM Domestic
5 EN Domestic
6 EH Domestic
7 EG Domestic – Online Connote (Self-printed)
8 EG Domestic EST – For Contract Customer
9 EB Domestic Baby EST – For Contract Customer

10 EE International
11 EJ Al-Ajwa
12 ER Domestic – Readers Digest
13 ET Domestic – Ubat Melalui Pos
14 EU Domestic– U-Library
15 EZ Domestic – EST EON Bank (Hong Leong Bank)
16 CG Console Tag

Poslaju Post Customer Care Team :

Pos Malaysia Berhad (229990-M)
Level 8, Pos Malaysia Headquarters
Dayabumi Complex, 50670 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone : +603 2267 2267
fax : +603 2267 2255

Poslaju courier tracking

Poslaju Tracking

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