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Tracking Poslaju parcel instantly! The easiest way to track and trace your most important packages by entering your Poslaju tracking number to track shipments and get delivery status online.

Delivery service is one of important elements in business. As a business owner, you should deliver the products ordered by customers right away so they can receive their order on time. Definitely, it is impossible to do deliver the products on time without professional delivery service.

This is the reason why Poslaju is developing a delivery service business in Malaysia. This service is trying to build good connection between business owners and their customers especially in delivering order on time and safely along with affordable cost. Let’s discuss a little bit about Poslaju tracking service and how they help you.


Poslaju is the leading courier delivery service in Malaysia. This service is offering several delivery services including next day delivery service. Their team is trying to meet the needs of senders and receivers. Definitely, both of them want to send and receive the products as soon as possible safely.

With their network and professional team, customers can meet such kind of need. The problem is not only about faster and safety delivery service but also about how to reach difficult areas. This is also the reason why Poslaju becomes the leading delivery service in Malaysia. You may send your package anywhere you want across Malaysia.

Poslaju has been supported by more than 1000 outlets and those outlets have been developed in the strategic locations across the country. To deliver packages across difficult areas, this delivery service also has around 100 agents which are ready to do their duty to deliver package fast and safe.

Their team works maximally in working hours and even in weekend to make sure everything is under control. They want to make the process easy for customers. Let say, you can use their electronic shipping service. Moreover, it is also possible to track your package and you don’t need to go to the outlets or agents. Just use the online package tracking service and in a few seconds you know the position of the package.


It is stated above that you can track your package by using Poslaju online tracking service. Before doing it, you need to follow the requirement so you can get accurate update.

First, you should go to their official website.Second, because you want to track your package, just go to the track and trace section on the homepage. Third, just prepare the tracking number from the outlets or agents after you sent the package. Fourth, focus on the empty box there. The box is the place where you should type the tracking number. This box is supported by the latest technology so it only detects the product code used by Poslaju.

Don’t type any number except given by Poslaju outlets or agents. Moreover, just follow the rule while entering the tracking number. Fifth, just check the tracking number on the box and make sure that you have already typing it correctly. Then, click the search button. In a few seconds, this website gives you the result including the current location of the package and its status.

Interestingly, you can track your package anywhere and anytime you want as long as you are connected to internet. Tracking can be done by the senders as well as the receivers as long as both of you have the legal and correct tracking number from Poslaju.

It takes time if you have to type the tracking number one by one especially if you are delivering more than one package. Poslaju notice this kind of need and because of that, the online Poslaju tracking system is made with specific technology.

This technology allows you to type up to 15 different package tracking numbers. Then, the tracking system will track those numbers once. In a few seconds, you will get all the positions of the packages. Once again, just notice about the instruction. If you want to track more than one tracking numbers, it is a must to separate each number with semicolon or enter. Don’t underestimate this instruction because without doing it, you can’t track all the numbers and it means you can’t trace the position of the packages.

Actually, tracking from your PC or computer is not the only way to track the package. Sometimes, you need to go to one place to another and you are using smartphone often than PC or computer. It doesn’t matter at all because our tracking system is also offering specific mobile phone application. You just need to download the application on Google Play Store. Before using the features, you should create an account there. When it is done and your account is approved by the Poslaju Tracking application, you can start using the features.

Now, you can track your package easily anywhere and anytime you want even if you don’t bring PC or computer. Poslaju is trying to get as closer as they can to their customers. To meet this goal, Poslaju Tracking also has official social media account. As the customers of Poslaju, you can check their latest information and news including if there is a delay or problem from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and many more.


Actually, you can do the delivery easily because Poslaju tracking system is ready to serve your maximally. Just imagine that from more than 1.000 Poslaju outlets, you are able to go to one of 704 Pos Malaysia outlets. It is also possible to send the package through one of 264 Pos Mini outlets. Even if you are living in small areas, you still have a chance to deliver a package by visiting one of 68 Poslaju branches:

  1. Kuala Lumpur
  2. Selangor
  3. Negeri Sembilan
  4. Melaka
  5. Johor
  6. Pahang
  7. Terengganu
  8. Kelantan
  9. Perlis
  10. Pulau Pinang
  11. Kedah
  12. Perak
  13. Sabah
  14. Sarawak
  15. Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan

How about if you have a problem to deliver the package to the Poslaju outlets?

You don’t need to worry about that because Poslaju is ready to pick up the package. Thanks to the Pos On Wheels and Pos Laju Go2U mobile units which make it possible.

Finding Poslaju is even much easier with their availability at several popular public services. Those are including at IKOBANA, Mail Boxes Etc., MPH Bookstore, Proton Edar branches, and many more. There are also around 66 individual agents in which they have a business contract with Pos Laju and it wider the access to deliver your packages.

To support easy and fast business activity, Pos Laju is offering several services. Those are including post parcel, on demand pick up, time specific services, fast delivery, and next day delivery service.

Actually, you can also check a package which sent by different courier service such as Malaysia Post EMS, Poslaju Malaysia EMS, Poslaju Malaysia Registered, ABX Tracking, Kangaroo Express, AirPak Express, Cuckoo Express, Nationwide Express, SkyNet Malaysia, and many more.

How about if you have to spend a package to the foreign country? It is not a big problem! Our tracking service is also covering this kind of service. You may send your precious package to different countries across Asia, South Africa, Australia, South United Stated of America, Center United Stated of America, and many more.

Just like the availability for different courier services across Malaysia, Poslaju also has cooperation with several reputable foreign courier services. Those are including DHL Express, FedEx, TNT Express, India Post Domestic, and many more. Absolutely, you can track the package easily by following the instruction. You don’t need to get confuse to find the nearest Pos Laju agents or outlets from your area. Just visit the official website or application to find it. What you have to do is using the find the outlet page service. Follow the instruction and in short time you will get the nearest Pos Laju agents you need most.


Of course, the fast and easy delivery service from Pos Laju can’t be done successfully without your help. The most important thing to do is checking the address and the phone number.

Just make sure that you have written down the address completely. Don’t forget to add the name of the receiver and the active phone number. Such kind of information is important for the delivery service team to deliver the package on time.

Furthermore, it is a must for you to keep the shipping billing paper at least until the package successfully delivered. This is concerning to the fact that the shipping billing paper is not only about the price of the service. More than that, this paper also contains of package tracking number.

If the paper lost, it means you can’t track your package. Don’t forget to follow the latest information.

Mostly, Pos Laju shares their latest information through their official website and social media accounts. It is very important especially due to new shipping rules. If it is necessary, you can just read the information from the important notice link before delivering your package. You have to make sure that your package is passing through the shipping process.

If it is not, you need to know why and how to fix it so you can deliver the package. This is including understanding about business solution shipping service and personal solution shipping service.

For business package shipping service, you can choose one of 9 solutions offered. Those are next day delivery, same day delivery, time certain service for domestic delivery, Borneo economic express, Putrajaya express, and Pos parcel, Pos express, International delivery, and Pos Laju prepaid box and envelope.

The good one is of course for personal users. Just like business owners, tracking Poslaju is ready with 8 different solutions. Basically, you can use the same service such as international delivery, next day delivery, same day delivery, and time certain service for domestic delivery. It is also possible for you to take Putrajaya express, Pos parcel, Pos express, and Pos Laju prepaid box and envelope.

The only different is that you are not allowed to use Borneo economic express because it is only for Pos Laju business shipping service. It is also important to notice the product code and description. This type of system is to get accurate information and limit mistake or error.


You also need to check the latest information because Poslaju tracking tends to post their latest products and services which might be useful for your delivery service.

For example, Pos Laju is offering Flexi Prepaid sticker. Just imagine if you know this information and you take this opportunity, you can get cheaper package shipping service.

How about the price of Poslaju package shipping service?

Actually, the price is different and it depends on the weight of the package and the shipping location. To know how much money you have to pay, you can just use calculate postage service.

Just complete the online form and submit it. In a few seconds, you will get the information about how much money you should pay for your package. Then, you can bring the package to the closest Pos Laju agents or outlets for shipping process if you think that the price is reasonable.

You may compare the price with the other package shipping services before using Pos Laju package shipping service. For first time customers who want to use Poslaju tracking shipping service but you still a little bit doubt, you can just find testimonies from the previous customers.

You may read the testimonies online or ask to your friends who have been used this service. You may also read the Poslaju’s company profile. After learning everything about Poslaju Tracking as well as sure that this shipping service has enough experience in delivering packages, you can just follow the shipping service instruction.

Hopefully, this information helps you a lot especially if you want to send or receive a package across Malaysia. Poslaju knows what you need and they give you reasonable price for their service. They have enough experience to send any kind of packages from important documents up to heavy and big packages.

The customer services will give you their advice about the best shipping service package best for you. In the end, you can deliver your package and you don’t need to worry about anything. Later, you just need to wait for good news that the package has been received safely from the receiver. Definitely, Poslaju shipping service is a good service for business or personal costumers.

Poslaju Tracking Quick Steps

How To Track ?
Tracking Pos Laju number after shipment is very easy.They have fastest online tracking tool to find out your package.Using Poslaju track trace tool you can track maximum 15 numbers at a time.Submit each number by putting semicolon.

  1. Find Poslaju Tracking number from receipt paper
  2. Enter Pos Malaysia tracking code
  3. Click on Submit button for instant result.


1 EP Domestic - Prepaid
2 ED Domestic
3 EF Domestic
4 EM Domestic
5 EN Domestic
6 EH Domestic
7 EG Domestic - Online Connote (Self-printed)
8 EG Domestic EST - For Contract Customer
9 EB Domestic Baby EST - For Contract Customer

10 EE International
11 EJ Al-Ajwa
12 ER Domestic - Readers Digest
13 ET Domestic - Ubat Melalui Pos
14 EU Domestic– U-Library
15 EZ Domestic - EST EON Bank (Hong Leong Bank)
16 CG Console Tag

Poslaju Post Customer Care Team :

Pos Malaysia Berhad (229990-M)
Level 8, Pos Malaysia Headquarters
Dayabumi Complex, 50670 Kuala Lumpur

Telephone : +603 2267 2267
fax : +603 2267 2255


Poslaju tracking for delivery status.Track Poslaju post parcels packages online.Tracking Pos Laju - Pos Laju Tracking Number Online.

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